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Data loss threatens your business continuity

BackupAssure provides offsite backup to ensure your business critical data is safe.

Your business data goes hand-in-hand with your business operations. The loss of such data, or even its temporary inaccessibility, may threaten your hard-earned competitive position. Companies without proactive backup and recovery policies are likely to be out of business within 2 years of a major disaster. Loss of business data may ruin your companyís reputation, or may lead to expensive litigation. Most importantly, it interrupts your business operations.

What causes data loss

Encrypted Automated Offsite Backup

BackupAssure protects your valuable business data and ensures your business continuity by facilitating the automatic offsite backup of your data to a purpose built server farm located within a data centre via the cloud.

Your data is worth £5000.00 per MB

Your have invested a lot of TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY to develop your business data. Whether itís sales records, proposals, receivables, presentations, formulas, client lists, this data is the heart of your business. Data loss is not acceptable.

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